Public Declaration by NORINCO on the Incident of Chlorine Gas Attack in Syria

A suspected toxic gas attack reportedly took place in the north of Hama province in Syria on April 12th in 2014, resulting in many injuries and some of the victims developing symptoms like breathing difficulties or even suffocation. On April 22nd, Reuters reported that the chlorine gas cylinders used in the attack was engraved with NORINCO and henceforth emailed our company requesting a clarification of the matter. On April 23rd, media again inquired about the incident at a regular press conference held by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China to which Mr. Qin Gang, spokesperson of the Ministry responded. On May 14th, Bloomberg emailed our company, expressing its concern over the matter while acknowledging our efforts in export control for which Bloomberg further proposed to give us an interview.


NORINCO is a responsible giant international defense corporation. We have always strictly observed laws and regulations of the Chinese government on export of defense products and dual-use items including sensitive chemicals, strictly observed relevant UN resolutions and international conventions. We have well honored our relevant international obligations by firmly advocating and practicing the commitments made by Chinese government in non-proliferation. With the guidance of relevant Chinese government agencies, we have adopted the principle of overall control when export is concerned and weigh pursuit of non-proliferation, peace and stability over that of business interest. To that end, NORINCO has taken the lead in putting in place a complete internal compliance program integrating our latest achievements in internal compliance and our unique business characteristics whereby we exert stringent management on the export of defense products, dual-use items, etc.


NORINCO is greatly concerned about the incident of chlorine gas attack in Syria as well as its aftermath and has since looked into all our past contracts and historical files. NORINCO would hereby solemnly declare, based on our investigations, that we never exported any chlorine gas or its cylinders to Syria.


A comparison of the photos and video footage released by some media led to our discovery that the LOGO printed on those chlorine gas cylinders is not the LOGO of NORINCO in that their pattern and way of application is evidently different from our standard way of doing it (see attached picture). NORINCO shall reserve the right to take legal action against any entity or individual that presumptuously issue false reports and damage our corporate image and reputation.


                                                                         China North Industries Corp.